Learn more about the Datos Cohort Activity Feed

About the Datos Cohort Activity Feed

The Datos Cohort Activity Feed is an event-level accounting of all observed URL visits executed by panelist devices which Datos has access to over a given period of time which meet a customizable set of criteria

URL Visitation

Did a panelist visit a domain or URLs of particular interest?

URL Keyword

Does a specific word or phrase appear within a URL a panelist visited?

Search Keyword

Did a panelist search for a specific word or phrase on a search engine or the internal search feature of a website?

Time/Proximity of events

Over what time period should panelist activity be considered for inclusion in the cohort?

What you will get:

  • A 360 degree view of a specific audience’s
    behaviour, internet wide
  • A customized and focused dataset tailored to your specific needs
  • Basic demographic data
  • Breakdown by country and platform type — desktop and mobile

About Datos

Datos provides clickstream analytics solutions focused on licensing anonymized, at scale, datasets.

Datos offers access to the desktop and mobile browsing behavior for millions of users across the globe, packaged into clean, easy to understand data products and reports for use by our clients.