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Boost your income effortlessly by joining the multi-source Datos Partnership Program. Earn commissions for your anonymized data through your browser extensions, mobile, or desktop apps

Why Partner with Datos as a Data Supplier?

Get compensation for your existing data

Data revenue ranks among the highest in the market, contingent on factors such as data volume, user geography, and data quality. Submit our form to receive your personalized quote in 24h – commitment free!

Join the leading network of trusted data providers

At Datos, we collect 10 billion data signals daily from more than 100 sources. We prioritize establishing lasting partnerships, with many of our collaborators having been with us since Datos was founded.

Consolidated privacy-secured data

We adhere to applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that the collection and usage of your data are done in compliance with legal standards. Your clickstream data is used solely for analytical purposes and does not infringe upon any legal boundaries. Rest assured, your data privacy is our top priority, as we exclusively work with 100% anonymized data.

Guaranteed security with data-encrypted data transfers

All our data transfers occur securely between servers through protected channels. Your data is shielded from any risk of leaks or hacker attacks, ensuring its utmost security at all times.

Personal support including all technical aspects

Our highly skilled technical team is committed to guiding our partners right from day one and overseeing the technical onboarding process. We manage the integration steps seamlessly.

100% Confidentiality for all partners

We establish confidential relationships with our partners through contractual agreements. Your information remains secure, as we never disclose any details about our partners to the market or to other clients. Your confidentiality is our utmost priority.
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Who Is Eligible to Become a Partner?

What Our Partners Say…

Working with Datos was a game-changer. In just three months, we saw remarkable revenue growth, unlocking hidden potential in our existing data without extra investment.

Mobile App Owner

Partnering with Datos who ensure complete competence and compliance, was a strategic decision that paid off beyond our wildest expectations about clickstream data.

App Development Company

Our partnership with Datos has been a win-win from day one. Not only did we unlock an additional revenue source, but Datos also consistently pays on time, reinforcing the trust and reliability of our relationship.

Extension Developer

From day one, Datos' technical team streamlined our partnership, ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Their expertise turns challenges into solutions.

Desktop App Owner

The Datos team provides exceptional partnership support, they guide us through every step, with rapid responses to and immediate solutions for any issues that arise.

Desktop App Owner

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