Learn more about the Datos Search Events Feed

About the Datos Search Events Feed

The Datos Search Events Feed is an event-level accounting of what searches are being executed on specific properties potentially supporting both organic and paid results, and what clicks, if any, result from those searches.

This feed can be delivered on a daily basis, delivering the previous day’s data, and can be filtered by any of the fields, but the most common ways our customers tend to segment this feed is by focusing on:

Key markets and marketplaces worldwide

Specific domains or set of domains receiving traffic from search

With this Feed you’ll be able to:

  • Understand specific search journeys – use deterministic data to understand how research for goods and services happens
  • Measure and observe differences between consumer behavior on different types of search engines – what changes between Retailer searches vs pure Search Engine properties?
  • Understand the composition of traffic for different engines between Organic and Sponsored clicks
  • Event-level data revealing search terms and where those clicks lead
  • Classifications of clicks on results as Organic or Paid
  • Basic demographic data

About Datos

Datos provides clickstream analytics solutions focused on licensing anonymized, at scale, datasets.

Datos offers access to the desktop and mobile browsing behavior for millions of users across the globe, packaged into clean, easy to understand data products and reports for use by our clients.