Learn more about the Datos Domain Traffic Feed

About the Datos Domain Traffic Feed

The Datos Domain Traffic Feed reports on panelist visitation to domains, benchmarking the popularity of internet properties worldwide by country.

Additionally, we offer the ability to track the availability of domains with respect to whether traffic is being sent to sites which are currently unregistered. Customers can elect to focus on:

Specific countries or markets

Measure traffic to all domains

Measure traffic to a set of domains of your choosing

With this Feed you can:

  • Benchmark trends over time including the emergence of new domains
  • Stay ahead of timely opportunities to capture internet traffic

About Datos

Datos provides clickstream analytics solutions focused on licensing anonymized, at scale, datasets.

Datos offers access to the desktop and mobile browsing behavior for millions of users across the globe, packaged into clean, easy to understand data products and reports for use by our clients.