What is the Online Retail Feed?

We created a structured data feed with information on click events and funnel actions for the most popular U.S. online stores to make it easy for you to track and analyze purchase funnel activity on any given retail site.

We enrich this Feed with retailer metadata, such as item price, product name, category, etc. for an easy to understand taxonomy of what is happening on any given retailer.

Traditional consumers of this type of Feed include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Retail analytics companies
  • Market research and audience measurement organizations
  • Consumer brands across CPG/FMCG and other Retail categories

What’s included:

  • Currently, US data for Amazon, Walmart, Target and Etsy, with many more to come
  • URL categorization by Event type (search, product view, purchase, etc)
  • Breakdown by country and platform type — desktop and mobile
  • Hundred of millions events per month and climbing

We Provide the Bricks, You Build the Cathedral

Unique clickstream building blocks you can't find anywhere else