How it works?

We work with many companies that want to exchange analytical data to develop their business. DATOS is a broker that connects suppliers and buyers of data. We are the guarantee of quality, solvency and anonymity of all transmitted data. DATOS is the brand of the company registered in Germany - Iteora GmbH. In our work we strictly follow the GDPR law and data anonymity is the most important goal for us.

Who buys the data? These are companies that create online analytical services to evaluate user behaviour and traffic to websites and mobile applications. They are also advertising companies that want to better understand user behavior and make the right recommendations for their customers.

Users Behavior

Fully anonymized users' behavior data for web and mobile. Click streams, actions, geo positions, activity, favorite products, E-commerce behavior and more

Social networks

Collecting public data from social networks - Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, etc.

Data for A.I.

Data for companies and startups in A.I. branch. Any niches - medical, behavior, content, sport, business and more

Our head office in Germany

Iteora GmbH

Düsseldorfer Str 85,
40667, Meerbusch.

Office Telephone : +49 2132 97 999 33

mail : info@iteora.com

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