Clickstream Data for Enterprise Clients

Anonymized and Aggregated Data for Enterprise Applications

How do businesses overcome the challenge of decoding digital footprints and user behaviors?
  Datos data holds the key, offering insights to optimize digital strategies and elevate strategic success.

One data pool, unlimited use cases

One data pool, unlimited use cases

Utilize our data for a deep dive into anonymized online behaviors and preferences. This analysis enables your business to understand user journeys, search trends, identify patterns, and tailor strategies for enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.

Product Development

Leverage our data to power innovative products and service enhancements. Scrutinize user interactions and feedback to uncover unmet needs, identify feature preferences, and innovate confidently, ensuring new offerings resonate with the target audience.

Generative AI

Datos powers generative AI without compromising user privacy because the data is anonymized and aggregated. Advanced analytics techniques offer privacy-centric methods to understand anonymized customer behavior, ensuring businesses remain effective and compliant in an evolving digital landscape.
Video & Search

Applications of Datos data for Enterprise solutions

Detailed Consumer Journey Mapping
Uncover intricate details of anonymized, aggregated interactions and touchpoints to refine strategies and enhance customer satisfaction.
On-time Data
Ensure accurate insights with new data delivered daily, allowing your business to respond promptly to evolving trends and market dynamics.
Trend Analysis
Stay ahead of market dynamics with trend analysis. Identify emerging patterns, preferences, and shifts in consumer behavior. Allow your business to adapt strategies proactively and capitalize on evolving trends.
Integration Flexibility
Seamlessly integrate our solutions with existing systems and tools, offering your business flexibility and compatibility in utilizing insights from aggregated data.
Predictive Analytics
Uncover future customer behaviors and market trends through advanced predictive analytics, providing your business with a proactive edge in decision-making.

How we help our customers

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Enhancing search intelligence

Utilizing our global panel set at scale, client needing advanced search intelligence insights, could leverage our data to enhance their in-house data capabilities and resources. 
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With retail intelligence

A retail company was able to increase online sales by understanding how consumers were reaching their online channels and gaining a better understanding into their anonymized purchase journeys. 
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Building better products

In pursuit of product growth, a SaaS provider turned to us for strategic insights. With the data we supplied, they honed their product roadmap, prioritized feature enhancements, and synchronized new developments with market needs, resulting in accelerated growth and a fortified position in the SaaS domain.
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With their video streaming success

A prominent video analytics streaming service employed Datos’ data to enhance user engagement. By analyzing anonymized and aggregated viewer behavior, service optimized content recommendations and improved streaming quality. The result was increased subscriber retention and improved competitiveness in the crowded streaming market.
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With hospitality personalization

Datos data can be used to analyze anonymized booking journeys where interest in bookings was expressed but not consummated. Company identified patterns of that user segment that shed visibility on the reasons for the lack of conversion. Search terms used alternative booking options executed on.


How does Datos data adapt to industry-specific nuances? arrow
Our solutions are versatile and adaptable, capable of capturing and interpreting industry-specific nuances. Whether you operate in retail, e-commerce, hospitality, or other sectors, our solution can be customized to align with your industry's unique dynamics and requirements.
How does your solution enhance marketing efforts? arrow
Our data is a powerful tool for refining marketing strategies. By providing in-depth insights into anonymized, aggregated preferences and interactions, it enables better marketing strategies.
Can your solutions be customized to our specific commercial needs? arrow
Certainly. Customization is a core feature of our solutions. We understand that every commercial client has unique requirements. Our solutions can be tailored to align with your specific business objectives, ensuring that the insights generated are directly relevant to your operations and goals.
How easily can Datos data be integrated with existing infrastructure tools? arrow
Datos solutions are designed for seamless integration, compatible with a variety of tools commonly used in the industries. This ensures that you can maximize the utility of the data within your existing infrastructure.
Is your data compliant with data privacy regulations? arrow
Absolutely. Data privacy is of utmost importance here at Datos. Our data practices adhere to stringent data protection regulations. We anonymize and aggregate data to ensure the privacy and security of user information, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.