Clickstream Data for Institutional Finance

Anonymized and Aggregated Data for Financial Applications

When it comes to data analysis and decision-making in finance, you can often face intricate challenges.  Whether your strategy is fundamental, systematic, or discretionary, many clients experience similar difficulties. Is there a better way to enhance signal generation, portfolio optimization, or diligence processes? One of the answers lies in reliable online anonymized and aggregated data, serving as a cornerstone for confidence in shaping robust financial strategies that incorporate real-world behavior.

Our data products can help with

Signal generation

Track actionable signals that anticipate market movements and identify potential profit opportunities.

Portfolio optimization

Leverage data insights to fine-tune portfolios, reallocating assets based on changing market sentiments to maximize returns while minimizing exposure.

Diligence enhancement 

Get comprehensive intelligence on market dynamics to conduct more thorough due diligence by accounting for biases and sentiment shifts.

What are the main benefits of clickstream for Institutional Finance?

Keep Your Visibility Current
Daily delivered aggregated and anonymized data keeping you aware of market changes and trends as they occur, crucial for making timely and informed decisions.
Comprehensive coverage
Gain insights across a wide spectrum of financial platforms and channels, ensuring a holistic understanding of market dynamics and aggregated behavior.
Customizable datasets
Tailor and parse the data to support your specific needs, allowing for insights that align with your unique business requirements and strategic objectives.
Dynamic trend analysis
Stay ahead with dynamic trend analysis, providing an up-to-date perspective on market shifts and enabling you to adapt strategies swiftly.
Scalability and performance
Ensure seamless scalability to handle growing data requirements and maintain optimal performance, allowing your financial operations to evolve without compromising efficiency. Our data solutions can grow as your company grows, so you can rely on our data for years to come.
You can learn more about how, amidst common alternative data sources, Datos data distinguishes itself, offering unparalleled insights in our financial whitepaper. 

How we help our customers

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Streamlining portfolio precision

One large financial firm sought our expertise for sharper portfolio management. Analyzing Datos data revealed accurate investor behaviors. This data-driven approach allowed our client to adjust portfolios swiftly, and outperform market benchmarks, showcasing the power of precision in decision-making.
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Navigating markets with insight

This client utilized Datos data insights to reshape market research. By uncovering hidden patterns, they forecasted market trends with accuracy. Armed with this knowledge, our client discovered and acted upon the alpha-generating signal, solidifying their position as a market leader in choosing a data-driven approach.


Can Datos data be customized to the specific needs of a financial institution? arrow
Absolutely. We understand that every financial institution is unique. Our alternative data solutions are customizable to meet specific requirements, ensuring that the insights generated align with the goals and strategies of each client. It’s also worth noting that we assist all strategies: fundamental, systematic, and discretionary.
What steps are taken to ensure the accuracy of your data products? arrow
We employ advanced algorithms, machine learning processes, and data validation procedures to ensure the accuracy of our data analytics. Regular quality checks and system audits are conducted to maintain the reliability of insights generated.
How are your data products integrated with existing systems? arrow
Our solutions are designed for seamless integration with a variety of financial systems. Whether it's portfolio management tools, market research platforms, or risk management systems, our solutions can be easily integrated to enhance existing workflows.
Is training required for users to leverage insights effectively? arrow
While minimal training may be provided for optimal utilization, our data is intuitive, ensuring ease of use for financial professionals. We are also always happy to provide our consultative expertise, or custom reporting for those clients that need additional support.
What kind of support and maintenance is offered with your data solutions? arrow
We provide ongoing support and maintenance for clients. Our dedicated team is available to address any queries or issues, and we make regular updates to enhance performance and security.