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Riding the Next Wave in Alt Data: Applications of Clickstream in Finance

In a financial landscape crowded with common alternative data sources, clickstream data stands out, offering unparalleled insights into the consumer journey. Beyond the endpoint transaction, our data unfolds the full narrative of online behavior, providing fund managers with the context needed to make informed decisions. Whether it’s tracking the path to a major purchase or gauging user engagement within ‘closed garden’ ecosystems, Datos delivers daily data updates with the clarity and compliance the financial sector demands.

Leverage the Full Consumer Journey for Superior Investment Strategies

Our clickstream data enriches your analysis with granular details, from every click to every sign-up, offering a robust picture of consumer intent and behavior. With Datos, you gain a forecasting tool that correlates closely with KPIs, enabling you to turn insights into outperformance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock deep insights with a comprehensive view of consumer online interactions.
  • Gain daily updated, high-fidelity data that enhances predictive analytics.
  • Access unique data that reveals the full path to purchase, not just the transaction.
  • Ensure compliance with our opt-in user data and resilient data architecture.
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