Datos Gears Up for BattleFin London 2023: Elevating Your Data and Analytics Strategy

With the highly anticipated BattleFin London event right around the corner, we at Datos are thrilled to announce our participation on September 26th-27th. Battlefin London promises to be a great event for data enthusiasts, investors, and technology innovators. We could not be more excited to be a part of it.

Team and Representation

Our leadership team, including our CEO, Eli Goodman, and SVP, Matt Nagle, will be present at the event. They will be on-site to share insights on pioneering technologies and explore new collaborative opportunities.

Why Meet Us?

Innovative Solutions: Learn about our cutting-edge clickstream technologies that are pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Expert Consultations: Discuss your challenges with our CEO and SVP. They will be available to offer you personalized insights based on decades of combined experience.

Future Collaborations: We are actively looking for partnerships to innovate and grow together. Let’s discover what we can achieve as a team.

Book Your Meeting Now

We are now opening up slots for one-on-one meetings during the event, and while we are in London for the week of September 25th. This is a great opportunity to get face-time with our leaders and to explore mutual growth opportunities.

To schedule a meeting, simply reach out to us by clicking the button down below. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for more updates on our participation at BattleFin London 2023.

BattleFin London 2023 offers a fertile ground for discovering innovative solutions, fostering collaborations, and gaining industry insights. We at Datos look forward to sharing our expertise and engaging with partners who are equally passionate about making a difference.


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