Superheroes & Streaming: The Deep Dive into the Cinematic Pulse of 2022-2023


In an age where the soft, mesmerizing glow of screens has become an integral part of our nightly  rituals, the tales they display profoundly influence our dreams, emotions, and collective discourse.  The cinematic landscape of 2022 and 2023, as illuminated by Datos’ comprehensive streaming  platform data (across the five major players, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max and Apple TV+),  was a testament to this sentiment. By delving deep into the streaming data over the past two years, we identified intriguing patterns and insights, weaving a detailed tapestry of our shared  streaming preferences.

1. Dawn of the Superheroes 

Source: Datos 

While there was no shortage of captivating stories, superhero narratives shone the brightest, leaving  an indelible mark on our psyche. The meteoric rise and supremacy of the Superhero/Action  category, as documented by Datos, can’t merely be attributed to jaw-dropping special effects or the  allure of A-list celebrities. Instead, it taps into the primal narrative of good clashing against evil and  the ageless story of unassuming individuals transcending their boundaries. Blockbusters such as “The  Batman” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” exemplify this sentiment, reinterpreting classic lore with a  contemporary lens. 

1. Superhero/Action films were by far the most popular in terms of user interactions and views  in 2022 and 2023. This indicates the sustained appeal of superhero movies and their ability  to draw significant audience attention. 

2. Animation/Family movies also garnered a strong attention share, highlighting the importance of  family-friendly content on streaming platforms.

3. Adventure/Sci-Fi and Action/Drama films followed, with each genre demonstrating solid  engagement numbers.

2. Family First: The Evergreen Magic of Animation 

Datos’ findings reiterate that animation, the jewel of family-centric films, consistently captures our  emotions and memories. These masterpieces cater to audiences spanning multiple generations,  spiriting them away to lands where the rules of reality fade and the heart’s fantasies reign supreme.  “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” and “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” impeccably harnessed this allure,  intertwining the charm of yesteryear with innovative storylines. Their success reinforces a  fundamental cinematic truth: while tastes and techniques evolve, certain genres preserve their  timeless magic.

3. The Titans of Each Genre 

Source: Datos 

The bar chart showcases the top movies within each genre based on user interactions: 

  • Superhero/Action movies, highlighted in red, are dominant, with “Spider-Man: No Way  Home” leading the chart. 
  • Movies from other genres, like “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” from Animation/Family and  “Jurassic World: Dominion” from Adventure/Sci-Fi, also exhibited strong user interactions. 

Scrutinizing the data further, specific films, as highlighted by Datos, emerge as the undisputed  champions of their respective domains. “Jurassic World: Dominion” reignited our age-old obsession  with the majestic and terrifying creatures from epochs gone by. In stark contrast, “John Wick:  Chapter 4” perpetuated its riveting symphony of heart-pounding action interwoven with intricate  plots. Meanwhile, the delightful antics of “Minions: The Rise of Gru” captured hearts globally. Each  of these cinematic milestones carved a niche, profoundly influencing the filmic narrative over these  two years.

4. The Undercurrents: Foreseeing the Winds of Change 

Beyond the dazzling limelight of mainstream cinema lie subtle cues heralding shifts in storytelling  paradigms. Cinematic ventures like “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Transformers: Rise of the  Beasts” signal an impending renaissance in science fiction, steering it beyond the realms of  superhero exploits. Furthermore, the confluence of disparate genres, epitomized by “Spider-Man:  Across the Spider-Verse”, heralds a future where the most tantalizing cinematic delights might  emerge from unprecedented genre fusions.

5. Streaming Showdown: Analyzing Platform Dominance in 2022-2023 

Datos’ analysis of the month-on-month comparison of normalized user visits by target domain for  2022 and 2023 provides several valuable insights: 

Source: Datos 

1. Dominant Platforms: Netflix consistently leads the user interaction landscape throughout  the two-year period, suggesting a strong and possibly loyal user base. Disney+ also  maintains a steady high level of user interaction, further cementing its place in the market. 

2. Seasonal Peaks: Domains like Prime Video exhibit pronounced peaks in specific months,  possibly indicating the release of highly anticipated content or seasonality factors affecting  user engagement. 

3. Emerging and Consistent Performers: Max (formerly HBO Max), while not as dominant as Netflix or Disney+, presents a stable trend, hinting at a consistent content strategy and a steadily  growing user base. 

4. Stable Yet Niche Interactions: Platforms like Apple TV+, though having consistent user  interactions, are relatively lower compared to giants like Netflix. This could suggest a more  niche audience or content catalog that appeals to specific user segments. 

In summary the recent two-year span, Netflix and Disney+ have emerged as the frontrunners in the  streaming wars, consistently garnering high user interactions. While Prime Video sees occasional  spikes, potentially from blockbuster releases, HBO Max holds its ground with steady user  engagement. Apple TV+, though consistent, caters to a more niche audience, setting a diverse stage  for the entertainment industry’s digital future.


Contemplating the streaming inclinations of 2022 and 2023, using insights from Datos, several  axioms crystallize. Tales revolving around valor, kinship, and the allure of the unknown remain  pivotal. However, the fluid and dynamic tapestry of cinema suggests an imminent era of  transformation, characterized by genre amalgamations and uncharted narrative territories. As  fervent cinephiles, our cinematic horizons are poised for expansion, with films set to not just  entertain but to reshape the very essence of storytelling.

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